Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am so READY! Ask my family. I have been squealing like a teenager again. WHY do you ask? I'll tell you why. There is a rumor the my guys NKOTB are COMING BACK! I am so there. I am already signed up on their site for updates and listened to the new teaser song that is said to be recorded by ALL 5 guys back in Nov 2007. OH WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE!

Sorry this is not a stamping post but I CAN NOT WAIT. Donnie is my favorite. Always has been always will be. He even was on my first date with my hubby. He was a supporting roll in the movie Ransom. His named popped up on the screen during the beginning and I looked at my date (hubby now) and thought NO WAY, it CANT be. And it was. He was the nice kidnapper. Just like him. LOL


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