Thursday, February 14, 2008

Budding CardMaker/Scrapper

These are my dd's valentine's. I cut them using my Creative Memories CCS system's Heart shape and the blue blade. However, all the rest was created and designed by her. Her comment was that this year her valentine's were BEAUTIFUL and last year's were not. (She made them last year too and I thought most of the them looked great--the others were her being too much of a hurry to work carefully--more lets just get them done. And she stamped them and she had not done a ton of stamping before that.) She thinks she has to be "prefect" like "mom's cards." Ha Ha she just never sees the fugly ones I cover up or throw away. Mom makes plenty of mistakes. So when I do now, I make sure she sees how and if I can fix them.

Anyway--didn't she do good?

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